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About Us

Our company began in 2007 designing and developing lead capture pages. From the very start our focus has been on listening to the customer’s needs, wants, and wishes. By focusing on the needs of our demographic we branched out in 2008 into development of a replication lead capture system. The website launched in January of 2009. Over one hundred capture page systems have been setup, as well as managed. Hundreds of capture pages have been customized and designed. Thousands of capture pages have been installed.  Over half a million users have become members of one of our systems.  Our goal is to continue to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations through careful identification of the current and future needs of our clients enabling each system, as well as, corporate decision and expansion planning to be based on real needs.

New features and products will continue to be designed to better assist in the lead capture process.


65 Leads is the same lead capture page system that we sell on the site. With 65 Leads hundreds of editable capture page templates give access to the widest range of editable capture pages on the market.