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Affiliate Program Software

Allow your members to earn money for referring other members and selling products. Increase your sales by sharing your success with others.

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Affiliate Marketing

Having a good affiliate software is essential for your online marketing efforts. You can setup commissions, earn valuable traffic from affiliates to your site which will then improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). No online business should exist without a well optimized affiliate program. Our Affiliate Program Software supports:

  • Unlimited Tiers
  • Direct Payment Option
  • Linear Matrix Option
  • 8 Types of Passups
  • Feedback Loop Monitoring
  • Advanced Statistics
  • Export to PayPal/Payza
  • Forced Matrix Option
  • Matching Bonuses
  • Qualifications
  • DKIM, rDNS Setup

An advanced affiliate software

Commission Tracking System

Our Affiliate Program Software provides everything you need to handle employee commissions, operate an affiliate program, create a multi-level marketing company, or any other type of scenario where you need to track commissions. You can setup an unlimited amount of tiers (levels) each with a different commission percentage. Included are graphical genealogy trees, genealogy list reports, earning reports, payout reports, plus all the features of our lead, autoresponder, billing and replication software.

Passup System

A passup system requires new members to passup one or more of the members they refer to the person that referred them. For example, with a 1-UP if Amy refers Becky, and then Becky refers Cindy, Cindy will be passed up to Amy because Cindy is Becky's first referral. Any additional people that Becky refers Becky would keep as she met the requirements of the 1-UP when she referred Cindy. Next, the first person that Cindy refers would also be passed up to Amy. This creates pay legs of members that are passed up. A passup system is a creative way to compensate a person for helping someone they refer to refer someone else. Our commission system supports many of the popular passup structures such as 1-UP, Reverse 2-UP, Reverse 2-UP + 5th, Even-UP, Reverse 3 UP + 5th, and more. If you need a passup system that we do not yet support we can build it out for you as an upgrade request.

Bonuses & Qualifications

Setup matching bonuses to be paid to the referrer or the referrer's referrer. Setup qualifications where members have to refer a specific amount of members to specific membership types before they are qualified to receive commissions.

Forced Matrix

A forced matrix means that after a member has referred a specified amount of members then any new members they refer are passed down. For example, with a 2x2 matrix if Amy refers Becky, Cindy, and Dana then Amy keeps Becky and Cindy, but Dana is moved under Becky because Amy already has 2 members in her first tier (level). Once both tiers of Amy's matrix is full she cycles into a new matrix where she can begin to signup 2 more people under her. It's also possible to setup an additional bonus for Amy to receive for completing the cycle, or for her to receive a bonus when someone she personally referred finishes the cycle. This forces members to help members they refer to grow their team. A matrix could be great solution for teams where you want to evenly distribute the sales, marketing, and/or training amongst members/employees.

All In One Lifetime Solution

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