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Operate Your Own Autoresponder System

Automate, manage, and replicate the communication between your team and their leads. Resale text, voice, postal or email autoresponder system services to members, setup creative automated communication, the options are limitless.

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Email Marketing - easy - in just a few clicks

We offer you the ability to operate your own full featured Email Marketing system. Our email autoresponder is very easy to use:

1. Select recipients
2. Chose template
3. Enter text
4. Send emails

Our email marketing software has the most advanced features that the best 3rd party solutions on the market have.

  • Text or HTML Emails
  • Opened Email Tracking
  • Link Click Tracking
  • Double Opt-in Option
  • Custom Signature
  • 3rd Party Autoresponders Integration
  • SMTP Emails Sending
  • And Much More

Other Features

Multiple Autoresponder Systems

In addition to an email autoresponder system we also offer other types of autoresponder systems:

  • Email Autoresponder System
  • Mobile Text Autoresponder System (SMS)
  • Phone - Voice Autoresponder System (prerecorded mp3)
  • Postal - Mail Autoresponder System

We offer you a complete Autoresponder System with follow up emails, broadcasts, mobile messages, phone broadcasts, and much more.

Follow Up Emails

Keeping regular communication with leads that generate sales. Setup series of follow up messages to be "dripped" to your leads at the frequency you define. Setup follow up messages to go out for up to a year after the lead opts into your mailing list.

Broadcast Emails

Easily send messages to who you need, when you need. You can group leads, then send broadcasts to entire groups at once. Send out reminders or new ideas exactly when you want to reaching everyone at once with just a few clicks.

Email Templates

When you need to broadcast emails or you are using an email autoresponder it is possible to setup email templates to reuse the same email over and over. Email templates can be private emails for you to reuse (like regular custom notifications). Email templates can also be public templates that you share with your members so that they can easily create custom emails that has your team's look and theme.

Email Rates

In order to prevent spam we charge for overage emails if more than 10,000 emails are sent to leads from your system. Only emails to leads are counted (not transactional emails). We have different overage rates for different IPs in an effort to control spam and to allow you to choose if you prefer to pay more for better delivery or pay less for sending bulk emails. Click here to view our overage rates and learn more.
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