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Use our Blogging Software to promote yourself

Blogging is still one of the most powerful ways to promote yourself, your business, share thoughts, ideas, news, reach new audiences. Every important website has a blog, this is why we offer a real, high quality, fully customizable blogging platform as a part of our System.

It's all about publishing

You can customize your blog to make it fit into your site perfectly.

We give you all the tools to make the publishing process as easy as it can be. There are a lot of features that the best blogging platforms on the web support. Listed are the main ones:

  • Automatic backup of database files
  • WYSIWYG and code view content editor
  • Automatic backup of database files
  • software and plug-in module updates
  • Integrated search functionalities
  • Visitor tracking function
  • Full code compliance with the standards of the W3C
  • Threaded comments
  • 100% customizable look
  • Blog variables
  • Bulk blog creation

Say Hello to the Online World!

Spread the Word

There are for sure many ways you can use our blogging platform to help you achieve your goals. The possibilities are almost endless. Here are the main benefits:

Launch new products or releases. If you have a great product you want everybody to know about, you can write about it, highlight its features. If you have an audience that's been long waiting for a particular option to be released, they will be delighted and surely they will want to know more. Needless to say that it could also attract new customers.
Announce discounts, prizes, contests. Everybody wants to know when there is a special offer, a great opportunity that's worth taking advantage of. You have your space on the web where to show it, explain all about it, and attract new prospects that can quickly become new customers. The number of qualified leads you can generate this way is huge.
Share your thoughts about your community. There's been someone who has been talking nicely about you, someone who left an interesting comment? Let people know about it, let people comment. Has someone wrote a great review about some of your products or offers? Why not share it with others? This is a perfect way to establish new connections, build friendships, relationships and drive more traffic to the site.
Connect with other bloggers. You can let someone write a great post on your blog or you can guest blog on someone else's blog. Promote your brand and let others promote theirs. A friendship with another blogger can bring a lot to your business. Expand your network, become one of the thought leaders in the blogging community.

LCPS puts all the tools you need, to say what you have to say, right into your hands.
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