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The Largest Selection of Capture Page Templates

We have 100's of Ready-To-Go Templates

We have hundreds of ready to go capture page templates
Capture page templates, squeeze page templates, landing page templates, whatever you call them, we have them. We have the widest selection. We have hundreds of templates, all unique (not just the same thing over and over again in 50 different colors). We are constantly adding more templates and our goal is to have something for everyone. If you can't find a template that is for your type of business let us know so we can add it to our to do list. Check back often because we add dozens of new templates that WE design each month.

50 Recommended Templates

Most of our Templates are Editable

You can edit the content of the template yourself with our editor.

Our lead capture templates are editable.
A membership includes the ability to use ALL of our capture page templates.
A Lead Capture Page System includes one (1) template if no design is purchased or provided.
Additional templates are $10-15/ea depending on the quantity purchased.