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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. With the autoresponder how many email addresses can affiliates have; and can they send a messages at any time to their list?
Q. Do you have MLM lead capture pages that are customizable?
Q. Does a Capture Page System include design work?
Q. Can I have unlimited affiliates?
Q. How long does it take to create my Lead Capture Page System?
Q. Can audio or video be added to my capture pages?
Q. Can other features be added to your system?
Q. Can I use my own autoresponder like Aweber or GetResponse?
Q. Can I use my existing capture page?
Q. Can I have multiple capture pages?
Q. Can you setup replicating websites?
Q. Can I import my existing leads or purchased leads into your system?
Q. Can I use my own domain?
Q. Do I have to host my system with you?
Q. How scalable is your system?
Q. Where are your servers located?
Q. Can you integrate your capture page system into my existing website or script?
Q. Can I use my own merchant account?
Q. What are the Name Servers I should update my DNS to?
Q. I do not have a PayPal account yet, can I still purchase products/services from you?
Q. Do you have templates for automobile sales?
Q. What is the maximum number of capture pages I am allowed to create?
Q. Is there anything that I can start preparing before I make the payment?
Q. Can I make commission on my team if they go through my site and get a lead capture page?
Q. Do you have capture pages that we can add video to?
Q. Do you have templates for energy deregulation, gas and electricity, with the ability to add opportunity video on the capture page?
Q. Why must the system be hosted on a dedicated server?
Q. How do you replicate websites automatically?
Q. What site will my capture page be located on?
Q. Is the price all inclusive or are there ongoing monthly fees?
Q. Can the lead capture system be setup as a sub domain of my website?
Q. Where would my Videos be hosted if I were using your system?
Q. What are some pros to having this system rather than having my own capture page/autoresponder built for me professionally?
Q. Do you support any others languages (exa: Spanish) in the back office?

Q. What are the CPU and memory requirements of your software?
Q. If I buy the Capture Page System do I own it; in other words can I use it on my own hosting account? Does this work with word-press or does this only work on your servers?
Q. Do you offer some kind of SEO services to try and help me get ranking?
Q. We have our own dedicated server; is it still best for us to host on your shared servers?
Q. What countries can affiliates receive text messages (sms) in?
Q. What are the security measures and back ups for personal data people put in the system when they sign up? Does our system acquire the financial information, or does it go directly into paypal account?
Q. Would it be more cost effective to re-activate and change my cancelled account OR to setup a new account?
Q. Are there any other common payment solutions we can add along with paypal?
Q. If I purchase 4 different capture pages would 4 pages have their own unique url in order to promote all at the same time via 1 registration or would the member be restricted to only 1 url with the option to rotate pages at will?
Q. Does Solid Trust Pay allow the direct pay commission tracking option?
Q. Is there a page where I can see the latest improvements/upgrades to the software?
Q. If we choose to have new styled buttons in back office do we just send you one blank one?
Q. Does the system provide the use of multiple domains with multiple websites all offering separate autoresponder campaigns and groups?
Q. Do I own the rights to the software and code once I purchase?
Q. Is there any fee to reactivate my site if it is suspended?
Q. Do you accept payment through any methods other than paypal?
Q. Do you have any lead capture squeeze pages that are suitable for mobile marketing?
Q. Is it possible to modify a few of your existing capture pages and what would be the cost to do so?
Q. If I use a domain name now for the main domain for that system I purchased.  Can I in the future make a different domain the main one or am I stuck with the one I give now?
Q. What is the monthly price for a cloud or dedicated server?
Q. Do you offer any discounts if I wish to order a second system on a different domain hosted on your servers?
Q. I am a little confused by pricing. I would like to get a basic team package. replicating capture page and landing page, and the back office. What is the price with you designing the page and price with me designing?
Q. Question regarding the following Plugins:
Plugin - Affiliate Programs
Plugin - Affiliate Showcase
Where can I find the documentation that explains each of these and how they work?

Q. Do I need the editable pages plugin to edit my capture pages, I do not want my affiliates to edit the capture pages?
Q. Can I transfer leads to another rep on the system? (all at once)
Q. looking to use this capture system with my team and i'd like to set it up on my server. How difficult would that be? And how much ? How many members max?
Q. Where can I go to purchase a few capture pages?
Q. Do you ever install PLR products for clients?
Q. Does your company offer a fully hosted solution including software upgrades and backups?
Q. Does your system do automatic website replication upon new user signup?
Q. Is the system built on a MLM backbone? This is a 6X6 matrix. Can the tracking system enforce a 6 only front line with spill over going deep in the same Member’s organization?
Q. Does the Member’s Replicated Webpage have a FQDN or a sub-domain as their URL? What is the format of that URL?
Q. When the system does replication does the system provide multiple user experiences?
a. An instance where the Member can login to a back office?
b. A lead capture page where a visitor can request the FREE OFFER?
c. A sales presentation page that will lead the visitor to sign up for this service?
d. A separate lead capture page where third party products can be marketed?

Q. Is the on-boarding application customizable?
Q. Is there an export function that is easily exported to CSV?
Q. Is there email/CRM functionality built in for individual follow up?
Q. Can the Member's replicated website back office portion have marketing materials available for downloading and printing (is there a size or item number limit)?
a. In the back office can we generate template documents that auto-merges database fields that can be printed out or e-Delivered?

Q. Does your system do unlimited campaign initiation (Auto responder)?
a. Does the System do email auto-responders?
d. Upon New Lead entry can we trigger an auto-launch marketing campaign?
e. Can a pre-determined series 1, 3, 7, 10, 14, 21 and 30 days after lead input?

Q. Does your system do commission/compensation tracking?
a. Does your system do auto payment distribution TO Members in the back office?

Q. As part of each Members back office do they have access to view their progress, reports and status of their organization?
Q. What is the cost for your hosted solution?
a. Is there a start up fee per Member?
b. Does the fee per Member decrease based on total number of Member?

Q. As part of compensation tracking process do you take the payment, subtract payment processing charges, subtract hosting fees and forward me the balance or do you forward me the payment and then bill me?
Q. Does your system do recurring monthly billing automatically?
Q. Is part of the signup process setting the back office username and password so they can manage their own business?
Q. Does the on-boarding application include disclaimers including W-9?
Q. Can the Member's webpage capture a lead's FN and Email assuring
that new lead is assigned to the correct sponsor that drove them to the website?

Q. Is there an import function that is easily map-able from a CSV file?
Q. Is there a back office accessible Manual Lead Input Page for Members to put in a lead?
Q. Does the system to text message auto-responders?
Q. Does the system do pre-recorded phone auto-dialer responder delivery?
Q. Can the auto-responder messages have auto-merge fields from the database?
Q. Can the system utilize the member’s email address as the outbound mailing server rather than utilizing the hosting email exchange server? (rather than using the mailing server can we use the members g-mail account)
Q. How do I make the autoresponse message editable by each member, instead of just the admin?
Q. Is it possible to have a mini-form, that once filled out goes to a longer form, with all fields required, and auto-populates the data from the mini-form?
Q. Can you tell me if there is a 1 time price for everything including all addons and not an yearly fee?
Q. When we create a new product what will the back office for that product look like? Will it be a duplicate of the back office we have now?
Q. Do you have any type of free trial period (perhaps 7 days) to test out your system?
Q. Is it possible for each member to add an affiliate link for their own leads to sign up and each user be able to add their own leads? How does that work?
Q. How can I choose different capture page templates? Also, can I have more than one capture page running at a time?
Q. For the lead capture page system -Team, is it a one time fee of 235 or is a recurring fee?
Q. If hosting on our own server is there any fee for you to install the system script onto OUR domain with OUR hosting so it connects with OUR database?
Q. Do you sell domain name separately from the cost for the system or do I have to pay for a domain name?
Q. I'm interested in your "Personal" account for $14.95 per month. The description says that there is a autoresponder included but on the bottom it says No Autoresponder - must use Aweber/GetResponse. Can you explain this to me?
Q. Does a capture page have to be one of the blank ones to copy from another one to put on one I already have?
Q. Can a capture page that I have with a video on it be replaced with content from another page that doesn't have video on it?
Q. Does the system have access to all the leads created by your team, or does each user have his leads private? Also what are monthly charges for the system? I may want to charge members, but I want to have access to all leads.
Q. With the External Billing Plugin can you pay out different commissions for different products?
Q. With the Tropo Broadcaster plugin can a text or voice broadcast be sent to a specific lead group?
Q. When using the text and voice broadcast function, will tropo use the phone number field for voice broadcast and this new cell phone field to pull the correct numbers?
Q. What are Active and Converted leads?
Q. What is the time frame to set up a complete system through your company?
Q. Can my hosting be set up as an auto billing?
Q. Where to I go to purchase upgrade credits and put in the upgrade request?
Q. Is it possible for me to continue my membership? Do you have tutorials?
Q. What is the Tropo Broadcaster?
Q. Where do I find where to add credits for texts and VB's
Q. Is it a good idea for me to have a SSL Certificate on my web page?
Q. How do I add multiple capture pages for affiliates to chose from?
Q. Where do I go to purchase upgrade credits, or do I need an invoice?
Q. Is it possible to delete a directory within the filemanager once it has been created?
Q. I want to know more about your replicating options please contact me at your earliest convenience.
Q. Can I setup multiple capture pages at one time for all my affiliates, and can I pay you to do it for me if I want?
Q. Does the software have the capability of rotating leads to specific groups/members that are part of an advertising co-op?
Q. Can you add other programs to the back office, so you can use the system as a 'Downline Builder in multiple programs?
Q. Can I track what lead sent in the new client for commission purposes?
Q. Does your system offer the ability to have commission tracking for 2up?
Q. If I have someone with technical know-how who designs websites and knows programming, are they able to create pages in my existing system or do I have to purchase pages to do a "new" page?
Q. Do you create logos?
Q. How long does it take to transfer the domain?
Q. What the cost is to have direct pay, on a pro system, where customer pays affiliate first?
Q. With the pro system and commission tracking can it be setup so they pay first then create an account on the system? If not, how much will that cost?
Q. Do you accept Payza (formerly AlertPay)?
Q. Does your affiliate program track ONLY 1 product, or can there be 2 products? Can different products have different comp plans?
Q. How long does it take to set up?
Q. Interested in in the Team System, what does group content mean?
Q. I want my own lead capture page system for my at home business, how do i get started?
Q. Do you guys provide ongoing programmer support
Q. On the Pro System, is there a place where I can find detail on each line item of "Memberships"?
Q. Broadcast amount - Is this a weekly quota of how many times they can send out a broadcast message?
Q. Rotator weight - I assume the higher number means they get a higher
share of the rotator traffic, correct?

Q. Can import - I assume we are talking about leads from another source?
Q. How much much does it cost to start up a system and what does it include?
Q. Can I have FULL control of this System to Host it On my Server and do Changes on my Own and Own it for Good?
Q. Is there a way to do 'refer 4 get system free'?
Q. Do you have a monthly payment system for the Pro System to get started?
Q. If I decided to sign up with the premium hosting through you, how long would it take to get the software transferred?
Q. If I buy one of the system packages is that price just a one time price?
Q. I don't have a MasterCard. How can I pay?
Q. [Q-44] How may capture pages can I have with the $450 Pro system?
Q. How does one become an affiliate of your site the Lead Capture Page system and what is the commission structure?
Q. Do you have a capture page made for Solavai to look at?
Q. What is hte link for selecting LCPs?
Q. Can you make me a page without auto responder but just a splash to get people to my traffic site? If so do you have example pages and how much would it cost?
Q. How much do you need down to start building a system and how long would it take to complete it?
Q. Does your pro system support the unilevel marketing sytem
Q. Is the price of these systems Monthly?
Q. Will your commission tracking addon work with a unilevel compensation plan.
Q. How many business opportunities programs can i offer in my system?
Q. What is the down time during the switching of a domain name? If I purchased now when would the ETA of completion be?
Q. I am interested in selling landing pages to multiple markets using your system to accomplish this. Do you have something like this?

I see you have a pro system that may allow me to do this.

Is this a Private Label System?

For every page I design with the templates you provide can I use a specific domain name for every page I make for a customer?

Q. Can I use your system If I already have my capture page complete without using your systems templates. My capture page has a video attached as well
Q. Is the cost the same if I also wanted my website duplicated and does it matter who did the website?
Q. I am trying to figure out the $235 price and what that has to do tith the $450 team package below it. Does the $235 package include a lcp with autu responders and a way for an affiliate to purchase the site monthly?
Q. Does it come with it's own autoresponder and free leads?
Q. Does this system work with wordpress?
Q. Is there any additional fees that I need to pay aside from a one-time payment of $235 for Capture Page System?
Q. Can we use to accept payments?
Q. Can the script be installed on my domain and my own hosting account?
Q. If we host with you will we have ftp access to make changes as needed?
Q. I am about to buy the system. May I upgrade to other options
later or do I need to decided now once and forever on all I want for my site?

Q. Can your system replicate word press site to individual affiliates?
Q. 1. What are LCPS' built-in/default autoresponder default form fields?

2. Can an LCPS customer add Custom fields to LCPS' autoresponder?
(e.g., Country of Residence, Best Time to Call, Reasons for Wanting to Have a Home-Based Business)

3. If your answer to #2 above is YES, how would I (or my LCPS system Admin) make all defined optional 3rd-party autoresponders also capture such Custom fields?

Q. Can I use GVO autoresponder with the lead capture page system?
Q. Do you have an updated list of all the newest plugins that I can view please?
Q. Do you support infinity downline?
Q. i want a with a postcard on it with a message nothing fancy no video and i also want to write my own messages on my a.responders?
Q. Greetings. Is your product hosted, or do you distribute the source code?

Please advise. Thank you!

Q. So, looking at [] if I choose the Team System do I need to add the Team System Starter Package too???
Q. With the $235 Team System, can I customize one of your Video Squeeze Pages as our team Lead Capture Page, then create a Landing Page where individual team member's contact info will show after visitors hit SUBSCRIBE? Is that all in the $235 or extra?
Q. If I have a custom capture:
Can page be edited?
Can the team use the page? I have a team account.

Q. If i use the referral link to you guys at 65 leads and someone signs i make anything on that referral as a one time
fee and monthly residuals?

Q. If I just wanted to use the back office functions only for my team is that possible?
Q. quetion my interest is in creating capture pages for businesses can i do this ,
Q. Can audio or video be added to capture page
Q. Ok Great, Also I am a bit confused on the pricing. the pro system is $475 but what are the other start up package things? basically what will It cost me to get the pro system, and the premium hosting? also is there any recurring fee's other than the hosting one?

is there editing fonts and such or are those a seperate charge?

is there any way I can try out the system and build the site then pay and launch it.

Q. Do you put the site together for us when we get it?
Q. I want to know if I can translate the script into Spanish.
Q. I just paid for my stuff. How do I start setting up my site??
Q. With the $325 team package, can you have two businesses promoted in the back office?
Q. Can GVO be integrated with your capture page back office?
Q. I want to use this as a team build system. Where my downline can "follow" me. and them to various programs. Is this software feasible to use for this?

Q. I want a custom design. What size is $50+ one? What size is full page? Where can I view examples?
Q. If I have a team member that have leads in the system but he quits, what happens to those? would the leads be in the system still for me to use? or would they just disappear?
Q. Do I need to purchase anything extra in order to be able to charge people for my system?
Q. Can I use websites designed with word press with your platform? And what other design options are available?

Q. What are your cost for installation and monthly maintenance fee if I use my own server for a dedicated server?
Q. Where can I go to see all of the template options you offer?
Q. Is it possible to have a spanish version and english version? if so what would need to be done to have it available in spanish and english? and cost roughly?
Q. How can I add an extra landing page for my down line to have more than one to choose from?
Q. Would you have a back office demo to check it out? Would like to see how it looks and if it's easy to navigate.

Also, Will I be able to insert my own lead capture?

Q. Can I upgrade and downgrade on hosting at any time?
Q. How do I create a custom blog template? Looking to add a banner at the top and a column banner along the size. What size banner should I create for each banner?
Q. [Q-2776] I would like to know. How many capture page can I create for 1 team system. Doesn't show here in your chart
Q. How many emails can my members send a month/day and how many emails can i send a month/day?
Q. Do you supply leads to my website to make sales, and how much does it cost?
Q. [Q-496] I have a pro site and have some piggy backs but have not used yet. Can a piggy back account have a different backoffice look and header or all have to land on the same back office as my main site?
Q. How much does the tropo broadcaster cost, and who has access to the texting- all affiliates or just the administrators of the system?
Q. How the affiliate link look like?
Q. can I edit in french
Q. *Answer to question # 3. When ever a person promotes their own link they
are always in position # 1/payment button # 1. The person that sponsor
them is position # 2, The person that sponsored the person in position # 2
is in position # 3, The person that sponsored the person in position # 3 is
in position # 4. The person that sponsored the person in position # 4 is
in position # 5. The person that sponsored the person in position # 5 is
no longer getting paid off of that person in this scenario because there is
no 6th payment button or sixth position.

*In regards to question # 5 that would be great if the system could check
payment details and i.p. address to prevent people from trying to cheat the

*In regards to question # 6 the 2 upgrades for the other 2 payment
processors would be well worth it to prevent support tickets because their
sponsor did not upgrade them in time and to make everything as automated as

*Also during the process when the members are paying the 5 payments would
it be possible to put at the top of the page so that they know that there
are multiple payments to be made - something like a bar that shows that
"You Have Completed Payment 1 of 5"?

* If for some strange reason someone stops paying their admin fee of $9.95
a month I know that they would lose access to the members area but what
happens to the people that they recruited (meaning who do they pay now if
that person is no longer in the program? - What happens to all of the sites
with their payment buttons on them?) What options would we have available
to deal with that? Would the admin's payment button replace that button or
would the next person above or below that person move into that position?

* Also if the members did not fully upgrade through all the levels when
they first signed up they could do so in the members area following the
same process, correct? Meaning that no one could jump from payment the 5
people at the $10 level and jump straight to the $100 level if they are
only at the $5 level just like when they were signing up going through the

*I know that you can't give me a direct quote but on all of the upgrades
and support request since I would be going with Pro Package # 12 what do
you think that we are looking at price range wise just so that I can be
prepared and time wise as well? I know that this is a lot of stuff so I'm
trying to be organized as possible!

Sean W

Q. [Q-362] I saw a button in my client admin panel that says site SEO and there are some blanks to fill out and then off to the right there are some prices regarding credits. Can someone clarify if I have to pay for SEO services by buying credits? OR, do I just fill out the form to the right? I really would like to get ranked on Google.


Q. Does the replicating web site also have rotating web sites
Q. I've been looking at your system and your capture page templates.

It does not appear that the templates are mobile-friendly.

Is there a way to go about making them so?

Or you do you have specific templates, perhaps generic ones that the content can be customized on, which are mobile-friendly?


Alan Cosens

Q. Here are a few of the points that i need to get answers to?.

- How to change the design if i want a Custom Back Office design?

- How to Setup the Blog function and design?

- How to Link up my Merchant Account?

- Do you have an order page template when someone clicks on the order
button on the system sales page?

- How to setup the Ad Co-op?

- Can i use my own icons for the members area?

Q. Can I purchase the additional plugins later on?
Q. [Q-657] Where is the csv format for importing affiliates/members? I only see one for importing contacts.
Q. Hi - I'd be looking at the $497 package and have a few questions:
1.How much is the monthly for hosting?
2. Can we provide our own funnel and make edits ourselves?


Q. What kind of payment method do you have?
Q. if I buy the TEAM package will I be able to install the system on multiple domains/websites?
Q. How much is it to reactivate the site.

Q. Had a few questions about the system. Like is each replicated site SEO friendly for the user and can I setup a custom compensation package
Q. [Q-83] If members have multiple capture pages to choose from which admin provides them with, can they use all or several capture/squeeze pages at once for different campaigns and have them all tracked, so they arent only restricted to using their primary capture page only?
Q. [Q-245] Is the monthly hosting plan still $10? Also, after I pay for the system, are there any other monthly fees besides the $10 hosting?
Q. Is this software that we can install on our own hosting account or do you control it? Thanks!
Q. [Q-43] Is there an extra charge for this? We intend to import our designs on a regular basis. Is that something we can do on our own?
Q. If I purchase the Pro Version, does it include hosting or is that an additional $100 a month?
Q. [Q-37] So anyone that pays for sign up under my system has to use the same capture form I chose unless I purchase more choices for them?
Q. Do you provide the affiliate programs within the software?

Q. Is hosting free?
Q. Is this software hosted by you guys or is it hosted on my own hosting?