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A small system for your big business.

Attract, Nurture, Convert. Our capture page software is versatile whether you need a replication system, a commission system, an autoresponder software, an affiliate marketing software, or any other membership site. No other capture page software does everything like Lead Capture Page System.


Lead Capture Page System

7 reasons why over 1000 happy customers choose our system


A Solution for Everyone

Versatility. We have a wide selection of brands, products and packages. From free products, to team systems, to corporate solutions, we have them all.

Capture leads

Lead Capture

Capture leads. When someone visits your website you should capture their information so you can follow that lead.

Marketing software

Full Marketing System

Ease of use. We combine over a dozen marketing and management tools into one system. Lead management, email marketing, banner marketing and much more all in one place.


Quick Setup & Support

We are here for you. We will have your system installed whithin hours, templates within minutes.

We have our own custom support system staffed by a team of experts.

team leadership

Own Membership Site

Establish yourself as a leader.
A membership site allows you to provide strategies, tools and resources to your team. Many network marketers use our system to build their brand, take initiative and/or lead.

replication system

Replication Solution

Go wide. Go deep. Allow your members to have their own version of the page. Set their access limits. They can manage their leads through the members area.

members area customization

Custom Members Area

Feel like home. Every aspect of the members area is customizable. It can be translated into any language.

You want more from a Marketing System? Learn more about our system:

website replication Website Replication lead management Lead Management email marketing Email Marketing members area Members
affiliate software Affiliate Marketing billing Billing billing Blogging Software

Watch our helpful Video!

Watch our helpful Video!

Take adavantage of a fully customizable capture page solution made just for you.

It's up to you. As with everything that we offer you are in control.

We have some of the best prices on the market


We offer a wide selection of Capture Page Templates

Find the look for your business. There are over a 1000 of beautiful capture page templates to choose from, for every category of your business. If you're in a hurry, save time and pick one up. You can customize it or purchase an exclusive one that will be only yours.

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Choose between 2 types of Capture Page Designs

Setup everything exactly like you want.

Customize. If you choose the Editable Capture Page Design we will make the design of the header, footer and background for you, then you'll provide and put your own content on the page.

Simplify your life. If you decide to make your life easier and pick up the Graphical Capture Page Design we will design your whole page your way.

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We will help you grow your business day after day.

We are much more than just capture pages and website replication. We provide all the tools and services needed, like hosting, additional plug-ins and a robust blogging platform. Start with a simple lead capture page then take advantage of our powerful, easy to use website replication system and lead management software to start growing your business. Set up affiliate programs and autoresponders. Attract and convert new leads through email marketing campaigns. Create custom memberships, track commissions, use our external billing plug-in to sell almost anything.There's a lot more. New updates, features, plug-ins, product releases are developed constantly and brought to you frequently.

ad coopAd Coop Affiliate Marketing Affiliate Programs Affiliate ShowcaseAffiliate Showcase Commission TrackingCommission Tracking
External BillingExternal Billing Importer/InviterImporter/Inviter Live ChatLive Chat SMS / Phone BroadcasterSms/Phone Messages
Postal MailPostal Mail Replicating PDFsReplicating PDFs Remove BrandingRemove Branding Transfer DomainTransfer Domain
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Website Replication System

Expand. Our lead capture software turns your single landing page into a replicating capture page system for your entire company. Setup an unlimited amount of capture pages, landing pages, or full websites. Attach additional domain names to your system giving your team several totally separate websites to use.

Affiliate Marketing System

Track. With the commission tracking plugin you can allow your members to earn a commission from referring other members. You have the ability to build your own affiliate marketing system and/or market other affiliate programs. We support many popular commission structures including 1-UP, 2-UP, an unlimited amount of tiers, direct payment and more.

Email Marketing

Follow up. Every system includes a complete email autoresponder system. You can send out follow up messages that automatically go out. These messages can be added to go out for up to a year after the lead was added. With either a pro system or the editable autoresponder plugin you can allow affiliates to create their own autoresponder messages. Send broadcast messages, newsletters, instant messages, follow up messages and more with our autoresponder. In addition to the email autoresponder there are plugins for adding an SMS, voice, or postal mail autoresponder system. Lead capture page system is a complete communication system designed to help automate your marketing online and offline.

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Affordable Hosting and Maintenance

  • Always the Newest Version of Our System
  • 1,000 Support Credits Every Month
  • Higher Standards
  • 10,000 Emails per Month
  • Constant Upgrades
  • A Lifetime Warranty
  • And Much More...
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Market your voice!

Speak out. We provide you with a blogging platform as well, to help you easily reach your potential leads and clients. Make it your own window to the online world.
Design it your way. Be creative. Write great content and attract more traffic to your website. Let everyone hear what you have to say. Engage with your audience. Post replies on their comments. Make connections, establish friendships. If people get to know you they will trust you, and more they trust you, more they will buy from you. In the end you're the only winner.

Our blogging platform is full of options and we are constantly adding new features to make it even better and ever easier for you to achieve your goals. Sell to your community!

A Capture Page Turns Visitors Into Leads

Score. What is your goal for your website? Is it to generate leads or gain new clients? If so, a capture page is the most important part of your site. We take capture pages to the next level by combining them with other marketing tools that replicate.

Charge Members

Grow. Membership to your capture page system can either be free, a one time fee, or a recurring subscription. Combine our software with your guides, training and other content and have your own membership site customized to market your own niche.

How It Works

Our lead capture page system gives you a membership site where every member receives their own marketing tools customized with your content. Members (Affiliates) can use the capture/web pages you load into your site. They can manage their own leads, autoresponders, and send broadcasts to leads generated from their site. You can add content available only to members. You can customize the back office completely and translate it into any language.

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