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A Complete Lead Management System

Convert more leads into customers. Boost your lead generation. Take your leads by hand through the buying process and discover when they are ready for a sale. Accelerate your lead conversion rate. Easily capture a lead's data and take actions. Our Lead Management System allows you to target and tailor the content delivered to your leads.

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Lead Software

Lead Software - Everything You Need To Nurture, Score, Track and Generate Leads

  • View lead statistics
  • Add notes to leads
  • Create custom fields
  • Group and flag leads
  • Import/Export leads
  • Lead scoring system
  • Email leads
  • Send SMS messages
  • Send phone broadcasts
  • Send postal mail

Lead Management System

Lead Tracking System

Track where your leads come from, the pages they view, their conversion rates, and more. Control which pages your leads can view and unlock pages based off of actions (exa: Unlock a page after a video is watched).

Customizable Lead Scoring System

Lead scoring allows you to quickly see which of your leads are most active so you can concentrate your efforts on them. Our lead software includes a unique lead scoring system that you can customize to fit your own needs. A lead receives points, increasing their score, for doing items like opening emails, watching videos, chatting, and more. You can define how many points a lead's score should increase with each action. With basic coding knowledge you can also create custom actions that increases a lead's score (or hire us to do it). We provide you with the power to setup your own custom lead scoring system so you can quickly see which leads are the most interested in what you offer.

Lead Nurturing

Educate your sales leads when they are not ready to buy. If done right, if your content is of great value you'll be able to gain the prospect's attention and convert the prospect into buyer. This way you can build a strong brand that will be recognized everywhere. It is all about understanding your leads' needs. Our Lead Management System is especially designed to give you a better understanding of the whole buying process so you can take action and deliver great content to your leads.

Lead Generation

We created a lead software for you that enables you to manage the entire lead life cycle. Everything you need to start generating leads. Watch your prospects go through the sales cycle. Build and act on quality leads!
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