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Q I would like to have the sponsors information on the order page. How can I do this?


Support Requests

Any small projects (less than $200) or assistance with settings/customizations for your system is handled as a support request.

Examples of Support Requests

Support Request Credits

Support requests are billed where you purchase an amount of credits. A worker is assigned to your request. Each worker has a different amount of credits per a minute that are deducted from your balance for time spent.

Why Support Requests

This allows us to handle small items much quicker. There is no longer the need to bid something out and wait for the bid to be approved and paid before starting work. You can submit a support request for small changes and they are instantly qued. They are then assigned to the cheapest available worker with the knowledge to complete. Doing it this way we can handle all types of requests and at the same time save you money.

Time Frame and Completion

Typically we will look into it within a couple hours, but allow 1-2 business days for our staff to look into your request. Our staff will time into your support request and then time out when they complete or stop working. If they complete the support request, you are sent an email notifying you that the support request is complete and awaiting your approval. You can either approve the request, or leave notes of what is not complete. If you leave notes it puts it back into the que of open tasks. Once you click the task as being complete, the minutes spent on your support request are deducted from your balance.

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