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Q How do I redirect after they make a purchase from the order page via paypal to the create account page ?

A To setup the button go to "Manage Affiliate Variables" and create one for your affiliates to put their PayPal email. Then, you would put the PayPal button in the landing page and put the ~~ variable for their email in the part of the PayPal button code where it has the email. IMPORTANT NOTE: Doing it this way it will not track inside the system. If you need for it to let them make payment and then to be able to create an account, and for it to properly control it (not let someone join unless they pay) then you will need the commission tracking plugin and a pro system so that you can do direct payment. So, YES, you can put the button, but it is just a button for payment and a person making payment wouldn't all the person to join (you would need to set your system to be free under advanced features if you want people to be able to join after paying with this custom button).

Yes, if you prefer we can set this up for you.

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