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Q With the Affiliate Program Plugin, how can I can make it so that only one membership is able to add affiliate programs for their downline to see?

A Step 1
Login to the back office of your system and go to Advanced Features and turn on the ability for affiliates to add their own affiliate programs.

Step 2
Go to Memberships, and get the ID # for the membership that you want to be able to add affiliate programs to.

You will need to get the ID number for the membership by looking at the end of the url of the edit membership page.

Step 3
Go into the File Manager and download affiliateprograms.html.

Then on the next page:

Then, find and download the file:

Step 4
Create a copy of the adminpages.html file and call it adminpages#.html then upload it.  Replace the # symbol with the number of the membership you selected in step 2.  So, in our example, the membership id was 18, so we will call the page adminpages18.html.

Step 5
Edit the affiliateprograms.html file, and remove the option for affiliates to be able to add affiliate programs from the file.  Notice, we are removing it from affiliateprograms.html (which is the default page that everyone will see, unless a specific page for their membership has been uploaded like what we just did in step 4).  We are doing this so that no other membership, except the one we uploaded the file for in step 4, will be able to see the add affiliate program link.

Now, upload the file you just removed the add affiliate program option from through the file manager:

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