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Q 1. Prospect opts in to one person\'s site. 2. Same prospect opts in to another person\'s site. 3. That signup shows as a signup under BOTH people\'s accounts. can we prevent that from happining

A The way you described it is correct and the way everyone so far has requested it (so each member has THEIR OWN contacts and not preventing 2 people from having the same contact).  Yes, we could do a setting for this for sure as an upgrade request, and I think that is the best route.  We could do a SR to force something like this, but it would be after the fact (like a cron to delete recent ones added OR code added to every capture page to see if lead already exists and then redirect them back to original sponsor), but this type of code at best would be an ugly solution, and much better do an upgrade request and we'll add on on/off button under advanced features.

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