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Q How do I use and activate the Facebook capture with news feed feature. I have 4.23 but I don't see how to activate or use that feature.

A Because of changes that Facebook did about 2 months ago, this feature only works on sites that have an SSL certificate installed.  Facebook requires a secure https connection for it.  We charge $15 to install an SSL certificate that you would purchase from the company you bought the domain name from.  Once setup, there is a link that each member would use to paste into Facebook (same like doing a normal website or YouTube video) and the link then pulls the video with the capture page form beneath it into the post.  We (or you) would want to place the URL on some page in the members area where members can see what their link is to use it.  Once ready, if we do not have a document explaining we'll make one and send it to you.

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