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Q Why am I having issues building a landing page? It gives me options, but no place to add any content.

A This could be on account of multiple factors!

The first of which would be that you've merely added a page definition inside of the advanced features page. If this is the case, you will also need to construct the associated files within the File Manager. If you include editable regions you may also modify the page more easily, and also allow your members to modify the page, via WYSIWYG editors via the 'Pages' (editcapturepages.php) Admin navigation sidebar or through the Capture Pages (pages.php) or Landing Pages (landingpages.php) 'edit page' on a per page basis.

If you're already attempting to edit the page through the editcapturepages.php, pages.php, or landingpages.php pages and are seeing no WYSIWYG editor, then that page does not have any existing editable regions.

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