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Support Price Sheet

Support Request Credit Prices

Type Per Minute
Basic $1
Advanced $2
Expedited $3
Expedite is not an additional fee, but a total price per minute
no matter if it is basic or advanced.
  Support requests are billed by the minute and are based off the difficulty of the request.  Also, you can choose to pay a higher fee to have your request expedited.

*$10 SR bench fee per support request (SR) task work order. Must separate tasks. $5 fee to separate SR when requests recombined on a single work order.
Note:Expedite time is $3 if basic or advanced

Upgrade Request Credit Prices

1 Credit 10 Credits
$25 $225

Hosting & Maintenance Prices

Type 1st Site Sites 2-9 10-50
System Hosting $100/mo $50/mo $25/mo
Piggyback Domain Hosting $10/mo $5.00/mo $2.50/mo

Email Overage Rates

IP Type Rate Per Email
Bulk IP $0.0004
Normal IP $0.002
Premium IP $0.005
Dedicated IP $0.001
Dedicated Server $0.0002
  The first 10,000 emails are free. Email overage rates are based off how many emails you send over 10,000 each month. Each IP type has a different rate for additional emails over this amount. Dedicated servers include 100,000 emails instead of 10,000.

You are only charged for emails sent to leads.
You are not charged for emails sent to affiliates (exa: notifications).