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Support Requests

Examples of Support Requests

  • Change a setting
  • Fix any html issue your have with an existing page
  • Provide consultation
  • Custom javascript
  • Custom php
  • Communication
  • Modifications to existing designs

Any custom work or assistance with settings for your system is handled as a support request. You purchase an amount of credits upfront.

Why Support Requests

They allow us to handle requests much quicker and cheaper. They give you an honest cost based off time spent. There is no longer the need to bid something out and wait for the bid to be approved and paid before starting work. You can submit a support request for small changes and they are instantly qued. Doing it this way we can handle all types of requests and at the same time save you money.

Time Frame and Completion

Typically we will look into it within a couple hours, but allow 1-2 business days for our staff to look into a basic request and up to a week for an advanced request. Our staff will time into your support request and then time out when they complete or stop working. If they complete the support request, you are sent an email notifying you that the support request is complete and awaiting your approval. You can either approve the request, or leave notes of what is not complete.


If you host through us, you have support time included with your hosting. If you need more than the amount included you will be sent an email notifying you that you need to purchase more credits. Billing is handled up front where you purchase a set amount of credits that are deducted from your account as work is completed.


Support requests are not guaranteed. This is because you are paying for time spent. This means if a task is done incorrectly that you will need to pay for both the time spent causing the issue and fixing the issue. Any upgrade request is handled separately and guaranteed.