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Upgrade Requests

We are always trying to improve our software and are open to recommendations for upgrades. An upgrade request allows you to control what features we work on next. You pay for a guarantee that your new feature will be included.

The Process

You submit a request for some additional functionality you wish for us to incorporate into our software. We review and respond saying how many credits it will cost for your request.

The Cost

Upgrade request prices are up to 20x cheaper than support request time. The price that you pay is not for ownership, but is more an application fee so that we know you are really interested and willing to wait the time needed to get it right. Upgrade requests cost from $10-$250 and can be something complex. The total price is based off the difficulty of the request and how useful the request is for other clients using our software.

The Time Frame

We release upgrades every 2-3 months. When your request will be avialable depends on when you submit it. Ever upgrade has a point of time where we stop receiving new requests because we are testing it. Because of this an upgrade request can take up to 3 months to complete depending on when you make the request. We send out last call notifications before we stop taking request for an upcoming upgrade.


Support requests allow you to influence our software development to include functionality you desire. Support requests are slow but cost effective. Sometimes an item that can be done as an upgrade request can also be accomplised using a support request or as a customization.