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A global website replication system

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Website Replication

If you have a team, belong to an organization, or want to market multiple similar businesses, then you need a Website Replication System. The way it works is that you have 1 page in your system, and then each member gets their own version of that page. You can choose to allow members to edit the entire page, a piece of the page, or none of it. Members can track and market to the leads generated through their personal website through the members area.

Much more than just a replicated website

  • A fully customizable members area
  • A communication system & autoresponder
  • A lead management system
  • Multiple domain names replication
  • Foreign language/character support
  • A multipurpose billing system

More features

A Fully Customizable Members Area

Every piece of html in our members area is editable by editing html template files. This gives you the ability to create a completely unique looking back office without needing to modify any php code or worrying about php code being broken by a designer. Custom php code can be added by using iframes or custom php files allowing developers to use our software to build anything. With a Pro system you can setup different memberships and easily create custom html template files for each membership allowing each membership to have it's own completely unique content/design.

A Communication System & Autoresponder

Not only can you create replicated websites, our powerful Website Replication System gives you the ability to replicate your entire communication process. You can setup email autoresponders that replicate for each member of your site. With additional plugins you can also setup autoresponders for SMS (mobile text messages), voice (prerecorded phone messages), postal (mail sent to their house), live chat, and more. With each of these you can control if members are able to customize it themselves or add their own messages. With a Pro System you can setup memberships so that higher priced memberships get additional features or usage. For example, you can setup where a bronze membership is limited to 1000 leads, while a gold member is unlimited and also has access to SMS messaging. This gives you the ability to act as your own full featured marketing website, customized completely with your own content, price structure and policies.

A Lead Management System

Our Website Replication System feeds your members with leads managed through your Lead Management System. Members can group, flag, add notes, view statistics, email, and more directly to their leads through your members area.

Why Replication Matters

Your business or organization is much more than . It is comprised of individuals who represent your company. It is these individuals that communicate with your leads representing your company. When they communicate with them they build a relationship. Our system allows you to manage these relationships while strengthening them and using them to your advantage. Beyond the obvious benefits for your team members involved in sales/marketing, a replicated page gives team members that normally wouldn't promote your company a new tool to share your product with others. You can have the best of both worlds by having their name presented to their friends on their website and in their emails, using an existing relationship, yet having the lead shared with a member of the sales or marketing department that is qualified to handle these type of leads. This is just one case scenario of many possible uses of our replication system to grow your company in new ways.
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An advanced affiliate software

Replicate Multiple Domain Names

With what we call "piggyback domains" we take website replication to the next level by offering replicated websites across an unlimited amount of domains. So, for example, if you are promoting multiple products, you could setup each product on a separate domain name, and then each member has their own replicated website on the additional domain.

Replication System

Our lead capture page system is a full featured replication system. You can not only replicate websites, but you can also replicate emails, marketing funnels, PDFs, blogs, social marketing and more. We are dedicated to developer and are constantly adding new plugins that replicate for entire teams. If you have our software and have a specific request for a new plugin you can submit it as an upgrade request. Everything we create is fully customizable using html templates and we provide a support request process to assist with anything needed. We have provided replicated websites for hundreds of sites. Click here to view our portfolio.

Foreign Language/Character Support

We offer complete support for foreign languages and characters. Our replication system can be fully translated into any language. Also, emails and leads can be stored in foreign characters offering a truly global replication system.

A Multipurpose Billing System

Our replication system integrates with popular payment processors such as PayPal and allowing you to charge members for their replicated websites. With the external billing plugin you can also charge for other items such as event tickets, product purchases, and basically anything you would like to charge for. Add our commission tracking plugin and you can allow your members to earn money for referring clients who make a purchase.

Fan Clubs

Beyond the business applications, our replication system can be used to create an incredibly powerful fan club. Allow your fans to promote you via their own replicated website. See which fans are doing the most promotions and unlock content or give special access to your most productive fans.
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